#2 dev progress + doodles + 300 downloads~

"Hello, everynyan! So you're keeping up the patience act, hmmmm?"
I thought I'd come by with some updates, and it seems that the game has surpassed 300 downloads?! How wonderful! I didn't expect something like that so quick, now it only motivates me to put the rest out faster. So I'm working steadily at things.
  I had some lovely friends help, and there were some typos....So those have been caught for the most part, and I'll have them further being snatched before I release the whole thing. The writing is just about finished, but I'm finicky so I go back and adjust things. The next three chapters are titled "Flight", "An emptiness that stays", and "He kindly stopped for me". Mysterious names.
  Art is the hardest part. I've learned that I don't like making art for my own games at all. Still, It's something to be done.
  I'll show a few drawings here and there.

  This was the original sketchings for fog-face, aka "the passenger". I wanted to make him appear eerie but familiar, with that featureless face and charming suit. But then I realized that he doesn't show up for most of the game, so it doesn't really matter, does it? Still, I wanted an appearance that would make an impression. He ended up with a very Kenji Miyazawa look. I liked the horns, so I reused them for Huffy the Knife. He looks like the Batter from OFF on the left... It was accidental.

  And so here's the resident pretty boy, Shahin. He was a character I wish to use for another project, but I put him in on Milky Way because he captured my feelings... No, it's not just his looks. I promise. Maybe. Well, he's very obtuse and mysterious, so he was a natural fit to be "that" character of this game.
  I was watching a video of a play through, and the player expressed that "Shahin, I don't trust him, he sort of pisses me off". I had to laugh. I can't argue with that. Well, I hope you'll bear with him a bit longer. He's just the resident pretty boy after all.
  That's all that I have to say for now, because the rest is just art. The way the dining car looks rubs me the wrong way. I ought to redo that. Hmmm....But I want to play suikoden instead.... No, I really shouldn't. I hope you enjoy what I put out. Thank you for taking the time to read this and play my game.

Keep your ticket close and we'll see each other soon, passenger!

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