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"Welcome aboard the Gemini 22, dear pawsenger! I do hope mew have your ticket ready, hmm?"

In the depths of space, without a memory or face, you find yourself aboard a train of mystery and stars.

The passengers abroad-- Some dangerous, some odd-- Offer you no answers as you search throughout the cars.

The clock is slowly ticking. Your stop is coming into sight.

Will you find what you are looking for on this lonely, starry night?

A heartfelt, magical tale about finding yourself in the darkness set against the backdrop of the Milky Way galaxy.


"Listen up, valued pawsenger!!"

This game takes about 2 and a half hours to complete, with 3 endings. However, it's extremely easy to get these endings.

This game contains description of death, suffocation, claustrophobia and child endangerment, so be warned.

Please check the bonus content once the story is finished as well.

I really like to read comments, so feel free to leave your thoughts. Thank you very much for playing. It's greatly appreciated.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure, Interactive Fiction
Tags2D, Fantasy, Ren'Py, Space, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours


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hello i usually dont comment on games bc im lazy (lol) but i really wanted to comment here so hi!!! u said u like them so id like to leave one as a thanks for creating such a lovely game and sharing it as well :,)

at the risk of sounding a little silly, i just wanted to say something about this game was so comforting to me. the atmosphere, characters, art, i enjoyed all of it! and just something about it made me feel idk. safe. hugged. for lack of a better word (?!) ive been in a rough patch lately but playing this game was like a warm hug. so like.. again thank u!! for ur hard work on this game...and apologies for getting sappy on an itchio comment :3;;;

Q_Q That was very sweet. I'm happy that it made you feel that way, so it doesn't sounds silly at all. Thank you so much for the kind words... Take care! ☆


A very comfortable and relaxing game so far~

Filled with slice of life and more sloppy kiss perhaps?!? Who knows.... WILL THERE BE MURDER??? Well only time will tell....


omg this was so gooodddd!!!!!!!!! i got all the endings first try (lmao) and loved everything about this game!! the story!! the way you write!! the characters!! the art style!! the endings!! gahhhhhhhhh i loved it all!!! omg ur so talented tysm for this game fr!!!!!!!!!!!

ahhh!!! AHHHH!!! I thank you oh so very much! It was flowery, it was dramatic, but it found it's way into your heart which means it was all worth it! So, thank you for playing. \^o^/+.*

I love flowery and dramatic stuff KDVMSVKACMAKAVK ALSO I FORGOT TO SAY THAT I LOVED THE MUSIC TOO!!! it fits so well!!! great choice!!! 

(1 edit) (+2)

Hihi replaying it again <3


hope you enjoy it....once again! (‾◡◝)



Waaaaaah! Thank you for making a video of my game! I watched it over morning cereal ♪(´▽`)
Don't worry, there's a much nicer ending in there. Don't lose hope, passenger★

(1 edit) (+2)

An absolute beauty of a visual novel this is! Fantastic from start to finish and very,  very heartwarming no doubt. The art is absolutely stunning and was what got me interested, but goodness was the writing phenomenal. The way it was written is beautiful and intriguing, almost as if you can  feel what's happening in each hour. Probably my most recommended and favorite VN of all time, especially with how unique the plot is and also because of its time-friendly length. And the way my eyes actually watered seeing the main menu after completing the game— what a wonderful boy Shahin is, I really do hope he gets to his stop somehow and soon. He deserves it. Thank you so much for this wonderful game, kalechips! You're amazing <3. Keep up the good work!

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Oh goodness, aw geez, thank you for your lovely words, they really made my day. I'm happy that people are still enjoying this :,)) And most of all, I'm happy you found it so nice. It's good to hear. I really must keep up, now.
Someday, somehow, the bird boy will reach his stop. Here's to safe travels.



such a sad but interesting story! played through an ending in one sitting, thoroughly enjoyed the art and writing:)

I'm happy it caught you interest, Macaria. Thanks for playing ★


I am glad I can go back and see my cute friend Billi! I played this as soon as I got the notification of the full release, I also took my time (4 videos) enjoying the full story, gotta say I am really pleased and also surprised with how good the complete thing turned out, the new characters are amazing both in design and in lore, once again great job! wish I could give it 5 stars again!

I will definitely treasure this story, characters and game in my heart.


What a wonderful surprise to wake up to. Thank you very much for making such nice videos! I was happy to see that you liked Billi so much, and she likes you very much as well :)) 
I wanted to make a story with a nice ending and so I was worried about it....But if you enjoyed it, I have no choice but to enjoy it as well! Thank you again for playing. It means a lot.


Oh i sure did enjoy that! I love the atmosphere and the characters, especially Billi (she's so heartwarming). The protagonist is also somewhat relatable heheh. I'm happy you're planning on releasing the rest soon, can't wait - good luck!!!


Thanks a million, ganbobur. I'm happy you liked it as you did. I'll be sure to put all that good luck to use!


This is absolutely amazing! I haven't been that into a game for so long...it's refreshing, honestly speaking. Literally cannot wait for more:') gonna recommend it to some friends as well! 

Thank you for this!!!

Oh my goodness. I greatly appreciate your kind words. The rest will be coming at about late August, so I hope you like what happens then. I can't figure out what else to say, but I feel real happy knowing you enjoyed it!!


I really loved this game so far! I'm quite excited for more!! I have a feeling it's gonna make me bawl and I can't wait. I'm also now emotionally attached to Huffy against my better judgement lol


Awww, thank you very much, Jay. It's good to know Huffy has some fans.


This looks cool! Commenting to help boost the game, gonna try to check it out later.

Thank you very very much~!


A fantasy filled train ride, I really enjoy my conversation with Huffy. Aesthetically pleasing and poetic. I'll continue playing today~

Gosh, thank you so much for taking the time to make a video! I'm happy you enjoyed it. There is one other chapter, but the rest will be out in time.


Whoops, my assignments is overdue so I've to finish it first before continuing playing it, but now its all good. I notice that the choice of musics are really excellent and the time that they're being used. Also Billi is kinda sus ngl. Anyway it is an excellent visual novel. I'll be waiting for the next two chapters!!!

Hello, I'm planning to make a let's play of this visual novel. May I know how many word counts are in this visual novel so I can plan ahead on the length?

Aw geez, thank you Terry! Because of some silly decisions when writing this, I can't really provide a word count. However, i've found that the average read time is about 40 minutes to and hour. Hopefully this helps.


Super cool game, really really really enjoyed it! The universe you manage to craft with so little locations and just a few characters is incredible, it really feels like a self discovery travel for fog-face. I hate Doppler! and my favorite character was Billi and I NEED to know what will happen next!!! I hope you keep working on this incredible game.

I really enjoyed the background and character art but honestly what reslly shined for me was the music, it just fits so well with what's happening, specially what I call "Billi's theme" love it.

My only problem with this game is that is too short!


  Goodness gracious, this is such a nice surprise. Thank you so much for playing my game, and furthermore, for going through the trouble of making a video. I watched it while taking notes of various things.

  Doppler is awful rude, isn't he! But Billi was fun to write in all her silliness. I am happy most of all that you enjoyed the story as much as you did. I tried hard to write something intriguing.

  The game will absolutely update-- Much of the story is already written, it was just a matter of making proper art. There is much more to draw. But finishing this story is important to me.

  Thank you again, and I hope you will enjoy whatever happens next!


Loving the story so far! I will be waiting for the next chapters.

Thank you very much for your patience ^_^


The character design in this game is so cool! Shahin is my favorite~


Thank you! Shahin is Best Boy.


Ohh this is really cute and neat so far, I like it!! The backgrounds and ui style are really pretty and make the game look so mystical... and i love the art style of the character sprites so much,, i think the characters in general are really cool/funny/cute!! i looove their designs.. doppler and billi are my fav :)

Lovely story, I will await the next chapters! ^^


Thank you for such kind words! I tried to make every character look and sound different, so I'm happy you like them. Billi is the most fun to draw, but doppler is very "tch!"

I hope you enjoy whatever comes next :D